Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Jiake electrical equipment factory in Zhonglou District Xuan Sheng Road on the 7th, is a collection of ultrasonic equipment research, design, production, marketing and service as one of professional production of ultrasonic equipment manufacturers, and many domestic universities are closely Of the technical cooperation.
    The factory production of ultrasonic products are ultrasonic sewing machine (ultrasonic composite machine, ultrasonic embossing machine), ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic bag machine and mask machine and other related equipment. Production of products sell well all over the country, such as Beijing, Zhejiang, Hubei, Hebei, Shandong and so on.
    Our production equipment is widely used in garment processing, medical and health supplies production and plastic film processing and other industries, such as a variety of fabrics or non-woven composite and embossing, masks, packaging bags and so on.
    The factory also in accordance with the needs of customers design and production of various ultrasonic applications plane, and external to undertake ultrasonic processing business, and customers together to overcome the problems encountered in production.
    The factory will, as always, the quality of the lives of enterprises to innovation for our philosophy and dedication to our customers to provide quality products and satisfactory service, we hope that we can become a long-term partners.
    Welcome to call, factory Tel: 0519-83279027, service Tel: 13616115857, thank you!