What are the characteristics of ultrasonic cotton

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What are the characteristics of ultrasonic cotton
1. Welding time is short, automatic ultrasonic suture needle and thread, eliminating the need for frequent needle for the trouble, the sewing speed is 5 to 10 times the sewing machine quilted, wide by the customer self-
2. As a result of no needles, to avoid the sewing process with broken needle in the material within the situation, eliminating the security risks, a new generation of safety and environmental protection products;
3. There is no traditional line stitching disconnection joints, strong sticky, embossed clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, the product is more high-end beautiful;
4. After processing products without pinholes do not seepage, more waterproof and warm effect;
5. The use of wheel mold, mold for easy, can be stitched out of the ever-changing and complex non-continuous and symmetrical patterns, but also in accordance with customer needs to develop a variety of flower-shaped pattern;
6. The machine automatically high degree of intelligence, assembly infrared automatic side of the system can automatically correct the layers of materials, so that the upper and lower suture material is always aligned state, low processing loss, the product is more stable and stable
7. Easy to operate, fully automatic control FM speed, torque motor, to ensure that the winding tension is constant
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